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4th April - Samal Island

Monday 4th April 2016

Riding the jeepney into the city
Another Davao Day.  Last week we did some investigations and finally found a big furniture shop where they make mattresses and cushions.  Pete tested the density of various foam qualities

and we ordered, with some hesitation, four new cushions for the outside area of 2XS, in a soothing shade of blue.  Our sales assistant, Ann, assured us they would be ready in 3-5days (the other shop we went to said 3-5 WEEKS!) and indeed she rang on Saturday to say we could come and get them.  No doubt there will be photos of Pete fast asleep upon one or two of them in days to come…

Pete snoozing inside; soon he will be able to snooze outside as well
Yesterday we had a Samal Island excursion in the big red ute, with two other Australians, a Norwegian, an American and two Philippines.  We went to two places.  The first, in Kaputian, was right on the water and all very pretty but…they eventually revealed that they didn’t actually have any food, although we had arrived all ready to have lunch.  

Typical Kaputian house
No explanation, just big smiles and No food today.  So off to a second restaurant in Penaplata where they had more than enough food, all very delicious.  (I ate Bicol Express again; am developed a great fondness for okra…)

Eric (owner of the red ute) with Krissy
On Friday I had a haircut, on the lawn outside the clubhouse.  Poipoi the gardener watered my head with his sprinkler and I sat happily on a plastic chair in the shade while Liz gently followed my instructions not to cut too much off.  So nice sitting outside with a delicate breeze wafting and no confronting mirror…

Liz and I talked a lot about misadventures at sea.  Some people are more accident-prone than others…She had friends  from Queensland who set off optimistically towards Vanuatu a few years ago.  The man got the drogue rope caught around his leg and was very badly injured – nearly lost his leg; these rogue drogue ropes are lethal… The wind and the sea were creating tumultuous conditions on board so they abandoned ship and clambered onto a large container ship which was, lucky for them, close by.  Their boat was later found, drifting happily in the Louisiades and being stripped of every single moveable part…They didn’t give up their sailing dream; they re-grouped, bought another boat, and set off again…

Krissy and Abet

One of the boats which set off the other day from Ocean View didn’t get very far.  The crank shaft broke and the engine is very badly damaged.  This all happened, most fortuitously, near a big shipyard at General Santos so they can haul out and try to fix thing.  NOT fun…they thought that by now they would be happily making a nature documentary off the coast of Borneo.

Chris and Liz

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