Saturday, 30 April 2016

30th April 2016 - a bit of welcome rain

Saturday 30th April 2016

It is raining!  Oh bliss!  I was about to go for a swim at midday.  I had spent several very hot hours in the kitchen mincing meat with the grinder and then making lasagne and a supply of bolognaise sauce for the freezer.  HOT HOT HOT!!  And then the thunder started…I didn’t fancy swimming out into possible lightning strikes.  

So I have been out in the cool breeze and the light drizzle cleaning  and tidying – a never-ending task.

Pete has gone to town to try to fix the motor for the toilet… Ah yes, the toilet has given up eh ghost.  It probably didn’t like being on a slope, and unused, for some many days.  

The rally dinner was lots of fun.  First we said a very sombre prayer, and had a minute of silence.  And then there was food, beer, music.  I danced for many hours – so therapeutic.  It is the best possible exercise for my achey breaky back, and for my sad heart.  Pete danced too, but he retreated a bit earlier, to try to do battle with the internet.  He is still in town...I have retreated to the couch...

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  1. Dancing heals a multitude of afflictions...x