Wednesday, 20 April 2016

21st April 2016 - life on the hard stand, Ocean View marina

Thursday 21st April 2016

Last night it rained!  Proper heavy rain, for at least twenty minutes!  We were nearly ecstatic.  But not quite because the boat is strategically swathed in newspaper and masking tape…this took many many hours of painstaking work by our dedicated young men and we did NOT want it all to wash away.  It didn’t, but it is all a bit more like papier maché  than it needed to be…

Today it is all hot and sunny and HOT again.  I desperately miss my daily swim along the reef, but I can’t quite do it.  Yet!  I am sure all will be well in another day or two. 

This morning I ventured out, down our ladder and steps, and tottered along to the bathroom area under the clubrooms.  I never like being seen, or spoken to, at 6am, ESPECIALLY not when I am carrying a bucket full of wee…Everyone on the hard stand has a bucket full of wee in the morning; it really is not fun to clamber out of bed, onto the deck, down the rickety ladders and steps, in the middle of the night.  What I expect in the morning is to be INVISIBLE.

But not today… Our opposite neighbour when we are in the water is Bruno, Austrian, who lives along aboard his monohull, Freiheit.  He is very friendly and misses us…and he wanted to CHAT while I gently tried to hide my bucket from view…

Bruno has had an interesting life and he is full of stories, and conspiracies, which he loves to share.  He is also a gun chess player… He was bemoaning the fact recently that he doesn’t have anyone to play with on the island who is of his calibre.  And Pete said, “Marguerite can play with you.” !!!!  NO thank you!  Bruno has, in his day, played against Bobby Fisher!!  No of course he didn’t win but…my darling 10 year old Leo in Hobart, who as only just learned to play, can very nearly and fairly beat me at chess…Bobby Fisher was a Grand Master!!

Anyway…we chatted, and he ignored my bucket, and eventually I was able to creep into the bathroom and get everything sorted out.

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