Sunday, 24 April 2016

25th April 2016 - Anzac Day on Samal Island - 220 year birthday party

Monday 25th April 2016

Anzac Day…We had a very quiet peaceful little service down on the marina wall at 5am, with Jason (SV Labyrinth) reading out the short traditional speech, with a Last Post, a Reveille, and one minute’s silence.

Last night in the clubrooms we celebrated 220 years of BIRTHDAY – Terry (80), Pete (70) and Dave (70.)  All have their auspicious birthdays this week.

Pete, Terry, Dave
Our ay out in the little blue car with Liz and Chris was great.  The car is tiny and cramped but it didn’t matter – it went where we wanted to go, and it had very efficient aircon!

We went to look at a dairy – yes, a dairy, on Samal!  With a small herd of large cows, all being fed rice stalks.  They are producing ten litres of milk per day at the moment, between them – the drought is taking its toll.

ext we bumped our way up a steep road, and then walked, to the crash site of a plane which came to grief in a mahogany grove in 2002.  131 people killed.  There is nothing to see; everything and everyone was buried in the field.  But people are obviously remembering; there are candles, and a peaceful feeling.

Lunch time found us in the beautiful Precious Garden restaurant, just along the coast.

Liz and I found a giant mosaic bikini girl to make us feel tiny.

Today there are SEVEN men beavering away under the boat.  Last task  three coats of antifoul, including primer, prep, the works.

We are going into Davao in the red ute, with Eric, to pick up the liferafts and buy a few supplies.  (COFFEE!!)

Seven on a bike!!

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