Thursday, 31 March 2016

30th March-1st April - more Mindanao days

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Every Wednesday morning, 10-12, there is a self-defence class here in the marina clubrooms.  Two kindly and keen volunteers come to give an energetic lesson, and only two marina denizens take up the opportunity… Last week, on Wednesday, we were on the fortnightly bus trip to G mall supermarket.  And today, at 10am, I went for a long swim along the reef, thinking it was…Tuesday!

Samal Island market girl
Friday 1st April 2016

I do know it is Friday today…I am back in Davao, drinking coffee at the Swiss Deli, where the internet does actually work. Pete wants me to point out that Samal Island is nowhere near as expansive as I said; we did a round trip, with many detours and backsliding, and we only did 120 kilometres.

It seems probable that we will be able to be lifted out of the water next week; they SEEM to be rigging up some sort of platform.  All very difficult without a regular power supply…Pete and I have both been swimming around under the boat, scraping off as many big tenacious barnacles as we can.  The little fish who live in the marina are delighted with the many tidbits which come their way!

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