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28th March 2016 - Samal tourists

Monday 28th March 2016

Big hibiscus on Samal Island!
Yesterday we had a day off.  One of the denizens of Ocean View marina, Eric, has a snazzy red twin cab 4WD ute, which he hires out for 1000 pesos per day (about $33.)  BARGAIN!!

Zumba on the beach
This glorious vehicle has aircon; I was very happy just sitting in the cool, never mind the pretty scenery… And it was pretty.  Samal is a very hilly island, about 150 kilometres in length, jam packed with small villages and slightly bigger townships.

cigarette ads!!
It was Easter Sunday and everyone was in holiday mode.  Everyone except for the dozens of people slaving away over huge piles of coconuts, which they were processing manually in the hot hot sun…

We followed some makeshift signs up hill and down dale (STEEP hills!!) and eventually found Samal Island Garden Resort.  We fully expected it to be closed, or to have big entrance fees but no; it was open, cool,, quiet, beautiful and – ready to serve us a very delicious lunch!  I had my new favourite, Bicol Express, which involves a whole lot of veggies in a spicy coconut milk sauce, while Pete had a very small boneless fish and some garlic rice.  And some COLD beer – Happy Pete!

Pete at a roadside shop, happy with cold beer
The boat is due to be hoicked out of the water next week, to have land-based work done.  Anti-fouling, painting below decks etc.  But…the workers need to weld a frame to fit 2XS and…there isn’t enough power, they say, to run the welding equipment.  Samal still has no power, and probably won’t have for three MONTHS!!!

At Samal Island Garden resort

Today, nevertheless, we are back at work, endlessly sorting and tidying.  Pete does a lot more work than I do but…I do try to help.  I am also helping by keeping out of the way and improving my health and temper by swimming around and around the marina.  I can manage nearly an hour now; much better!  And while I swim I think as many positive thoughts as I can manage, with LOTS going towards Kjartan, John, Rob and Tess, still being held hostage…

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