Saturday, 19 March 2016

19th March 2016 - Ocean View life, Samal Island, Mindanao

Saturday 19th March 2016

2XS in late afternoon light
Toilet paper is always an issue in South East Asia.  Usually, there isn’t any, or you have to pay a few coins for one or two slippery little squares.  I had forgotten that here in the Philippines, they do actually provide paper in public toilets.  But it is OUTSIDE the cubicles…next to the washbasins… So if you hop onto your seat, do your business, and only then remember…well, it is awkward!  (But maybe not for me…I always have at least one spare tissue in my bag…I have learned from horrid experience!)

I forgot to say that the three pools at Camp Holiday Resort had long LONG lists of rules.  The big shallow kiddiepool had more than 20…mostly to do with clothing to be worn or not worn.  Basically, ONLY proper bathing suits were to be worn.  No street clothes or even t-shirts.  But just about every single person in the pool wore…t-shirts, trousers, underwear… Nobody policed the rules at all!

More alarming were the rules involving infections and bleeding wounds… And a nice extra rule – do NOT swim in these pools if you have diarrhoea… ummm, ok….

We have been travelling in and out of Davao on the ferries.  You rarely have to wait more than five minutes; there is always one pulling in or taking off.  It only takes eight minutes to cross to Samal Island, but it is a very difficult trip for the drivers.  The current is fiercely strong, with swirling whirlpools which pull the big boasts right around.  Usually they come across sideways… We were very lucky the currents were subdued when we cruised up the strait on our way to the marina last year.  We would have been thoroughly alarmed to find ourselves being twirled around!

Last night the new marina manager, Glen, spoke very encouragingly about safety and about general boatyard issues.  

Lots of questions from the assembled guests.  And a very nice feast provided, including, to Pete’s joy, if not to mine, a spit roast pig!

The internet isn’t working at the marina… again!  I managed to get a feeble bit of blog, sans photos, yesterday afternoon, but the photos will have to wait until I get a more robust signal in Davao.  We are venturing back into the city this afternoon, to complete the order for carpet.  And at 6pm there is a marina gathering at a restaurant in SM Mall, so I should be able to find time and connection.  Here’s hoping!

Electricity to the island has been cut off.  A large ship dropped a large anchor on the cab le… apparently this is not uncommon.  Last time they were without power for two months; it might be the same again.  At the marina there is a thwacking great generator, thank GOD, so we can operate our new water-cooled fan.

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