Saturday, 19 March 2016

20th March 2016 - departing Hobart - Samal Island life

Sunday 20th March 2016

I am trying to get just a bit of fitness back.  It is impossible to walk with any speed – too HOT!!!  The only thing for it is to swim.  So far I can only manage 30 minutes at a time, a bit disappointing.  And I have lost my confidence for going over the seawall into the actual sea… So far I just swim around the boats, which is pleasant enough if not all that stimulating – visibility = less than one metre…

Explanation as to why we need local phones: I am not game to put a local SIMcard into my beloved iPhone.  I tried once, about a year ago, and the whole system crashed; I thought I had killed my Precious for ever!  So it is much better to have a cheap and cheerful local phone, which can cope with local SIMcards!

The days leading up to our departure from Tasmania were extra busy.  Especially for Pete… We were leaving on Sunday afternoon, and on Friday morning, early, he decided to furnish one of his apartments, for holiday rental.  It was completely empty so he had to rush about sourcing beds, table, chairs, lounge suites, cushions, mattresses, the LOT!!  And then on Saturday I went with him to load all of the purchases into James’s van.  I was reasonably helpful, and even managed to (partially) construct some flatpack coffee tables, with three layers of glass and chrome.  But basically it was all down to Pete.  In the afternoon we went to Nicky and Gav’s in Cremorne and…

Zoe and Rose were quite convinced that he was dead!!  (Zoe is really into death, at the moment.) 

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