Wednesday, 23 March 2016

24th March 2016 - security at Ocean View - G Mall day

Thursday 24th March 2016

A few nights ago we walked out along the ramparts in the dark, to see how the security guards are faring at the gun posts.  There was a cosy little clique of about five men, sitting eating their rice and chatting.  Pete examined their guns with great interest and they told us their shift finished at 6am.  They find it a bit cold, out there all night, in the fresh air… The temperature plummets to 23 degrees at night… This seems like a blissful temperature to me but they are finding it chilly.

Yesterday we had a day in town, in G Mall.  The marina provides a mini bus to take Ocean View residents for s stock-up day every two weeks.  The supermarket there is vast and quite confusing in its layout.  Fortunately the staff there are very well trained and they understand requests for oregano, powdered coconut milk, coffee etc, and can direct you tho Aisle 36 very speedily.  For about an hour I trawled through the main aisles, which go this way and that way, while Pete had happy times in a large hardware store in the basement, looking for stainless steel Philips head screws, but I still ended up confused and lost.

We had coffee in a nice little cafĂ© and resisted the urge to order durian-flavoured hot chocolate.  I liked it there; the internet worked, if at glacial speed, and the password was… Godismysavior.

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