Saturday, 29 July 2017

29th July 2017 - Cardiff to Luton to London to Windsor with many hours at Australia House

Saturday 29th July 2017

Back in Windsor…
51 degrees 27.515N
0 degrees 36.484W

The view from the 9th floor
So…we left Caridiff and made our way to Luton on two trains, then found our tiny airbnb studio on the 9th floor of The Hatbox.

The Luton Retro Cafe
We had chosen to stay the night there so we would be ready bright and early to go to the airport and fly to Florence.  But, not so much… As we were packing to leave Pete went pale.  Where was his passport?  Where o where indeed… Missing in action!

We went to the airport anyway, hoping they would let him onto the plane with a laminated card showing his passport details But…not so much….

So…back into Luton, back into London, much palaver at Australia House.

A plane flying over Windsor
And then back to Windsor, where Pete’s dear cousin Judith made us very welcome.  (Again…)  She wasn’t at home, and we were by then very hungry.  I had eaten a roll in the morning at Luton airport, but Pete was running on empty.  So…Italian food!  If we couldn’t be in Italy, we could eat mare pizza and pesto pasta at Viva l’Italia!

The next day…back on the Windsor-Paddington train with the hundreds of thousands of commuters.  The good thing about getting on in Windsor is…you get a seat!

Pete had to be at Australia House at 9.40 on the dot – they are very detail-driven and security conscious.  They are also very kind and efficient!  We had to be back at 3.15 – they just MIGHT have a temporary replacement passport for him by then.

I had two things on my London list – Harrods, and Highgate Cemetery.

We spent many hours wandering around Harrods.  It is huge, and extremely lavish.

With a large gilded stature of Diana and Dodi, astonishing in its naffness…

Pete made lots of new friends. 

Admiring the racks of lamb

Checking out the Lego display.

I was astounded by the room upon room of fancy designer evening wear.

We walked many kilometres!

And then…we caught tube trains to Highgate, which is a very solid, pleasant area, high on a hill overlooking the centre of London.  Quite a long walk to the cemetery…and then it was 2.15… Hmmm… Before I bought tickets to get in, I very wisely asked the attendant whether we had time to go and and still get back to London by 3.15.  Well….not so much!!

Didn't get into Highgate Cemetery but we did see a house in the ground with very tall charming chimney pots
So….back on the trains, and a fairly long gallop up the Strand, back to Aldwych, back to Australia House.  Where Pete got his passport and was very happy, if just a bit poorer – 500 pounds for the replacement document!

But he is much happier, and was filled with joy to find a chewing gum recycling station in Slough station.  Today will be a less strenuous day and tomorrow – Tuscany!

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