Saturday, 1 July 2017

2nd July 2017 - moored off Henning Island, Whitsundays

Sunday 2nd July 2017

20 degrees 20.099S
148 degrees 56.836E
Henning Island, Queensland


Puffer Jacket Pete
My iPhone thermometer says it is 22 degrees, but it is lying!

We are wearing puffer jackets, and I have found some ancient uggboots, which are making my feet much happier.

We are moored at Henning Island, saving $132 per day marina fees.

Henning Island
It is quite nice, bobbing about on the waves just off Henning Island.  But we are not in the least tempted to get into the kayaks, or – shudder - into the water!

We had spent the day on this mooring on Friday, our last day with the Thomases.  They were very adventurous and went onto the island to collect shells.  It was quite chilly and uninviting even then but today is worse.

A curve of cowries and coral giraffe
Never mind; we have enforced leisure!  Not a bad thing, really…

We were very sad to say goodbye to the Thomas family.

But happy with our week; they were wonderful boat company!

Winner of our last Oh Hell game
I found Zoe’s journal.  She had devoted two whole carefully drawn and labelled pages to TANG!  I had a coupe of sachets of tang left over from our travels.  I don’t think you can buy it in Australia any more.  It is probably full of banned preservatives and colourings.  And it went down a treat with the four Thomas children!  They are obviously deprived of colourings and preservatives…

She also did A Day on The Boat which featured…2XS about to crash on the reef…

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