Monday, 10 July 2017

10th July - Windsor - Rugby (Lions vs All Blacks) - a lost day

Monday 10th July 2017

Windsor, UK

The queues are immense at the castle
I have lost a whole day…maybe a bit more…

Along the streets around the corners - queues!
It is still glorious weather here in Windsor.  Mid twenties, sunny, calm, blue skies.

We saw a squirrel in this lovely tree
Saturday morning we got up early and walked through Windsor along the river to the Rugby Club.  We got there early and were able to get seats.  By 8.30 it was heaving with people – mainly blokes, mainly wearing red for the Lions.  The game was fierce and hard fought and the crowd went wild.  The blokes were all very welcoming of Pete and banged him happily on the back although he told everyone he was backing the All Blacks.  The score was 15-15…

I was starting to fade…coughing and sniffing and aching.  Not happy!  We walked into Datchet and had tea in a small café where we committed a crime…We asked when the train was due and they said NOW so we scampered out the back door.  I thought Pete had paid; he thought I had paid…Pete’s cousin Judith is going to take us there today to atone for our sins.

Boats on the Thames
Pete decide to take a short cut back to Judith’s house because I was fading fast.  I draw a veil…it wasn’t a short cut…and when we got back to our cosy little house I went straight to bed and slept for nearly two days, occasionally getting up to groan faintly, drink water, and collapse again.

So pretty, on the river
Judith got back from Portugal at 2am and heard me coughing.  I met her ghostly presence on the stairs…She had heard me coughing and had made me hot Lemsip which was very good for body and soul.

Cousins (Judith and Pete)

This morning I feel much better, ready for a Windsor-Eton tour with dear Judith!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell. I hope you are in fine fettle again soon. Great photographs - I feel homesick! AM xx