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8th July 2017 - Dubai to Heathrow - Windsor

Saturday 8th July 2017

Windsor, UK

A very old slopey shop 
Well Windsor couldn’t be more different from Dubai if it tried.

But…it is hot!!  Not 45, but a good solid 30 or so.

The sky is blue and it is all too pretty for words.  Literally!

I am mightily impressed thus far.

A very pretty very old pub where Pete might be able to watch the rugby at 8.30 tomorrow morning
The flight Dubai-London was actually not too bad. We had a very nice neighbour, Jeremy ,originally from Wales but a resident of Dubai since 1988.  He was a cheery dude and full of information and chat.

Jeremy with his son Noah
We watched two whole movies – Miss Sloane (Jessica Chastain) and Hidden Figures.  Both worth watching.

And we landed at Heathrow on time and with no incident.  Well just a small one…our luggage didn’t emerge on the carousel.  We watched as the cases trundled past, and past again…just a bit worried…I REALLY didn’t want to have to buy a whole new lot of underwear etc.  But all was well; Pete found our little cases which had been dumped on the floor on the far side of the double carousel.  Why??  (And why were they not nestled with us as cabin luggage?  Well…we checked them in because we had tubes of stuff, eg shaving cream, which we would have had to throw away.  Seemed like a good idea just to check them in but maybe it wasn’t!)

A Windsor Cars driver was waiting for us with a sign saying Mr Peter.  He joyfully took us into Windsor, though the breathtakingly pretty village of Datchet.  Past the castle – oh WOW!  Had no concept of how big and grand Windsor Castle is in real life….

He dropped us off at a very cute and pretty house in Queens Road and off he sped.

Wrong house
We knocked and a nice man came to the door.  “You must be Duncan,” we said, confidently.  Pete’s cousin Judith had told us she had a friend staying, called Duncan…But no…our lovely man was no connection at all and we were in fact in Kings Road, quite some distance from our real destination. 

John and Pete
“Hop in the car,” he said, firmly.  It is too hot and too far for you to walk.  well…we did protest just a bit…but we were very grateful for the ride to the correct address.

The view from John's house...
it was in fact too hot and too afar!

Half-timbered house
Windsor is gorgeous.  Judith is in fact in Portugal; we will see her on the 10th.

Judith's actual house, from the back garden
In the meantime…we chatted with Duncan, who is a professor at London University, and then went for a beautiful walk along the pretty PRETTY streets, bathed in sunshine, with blue skies above.

Biker bar
Eventually we succumbed to hunger…it was 11pm Dubai time and we had been up since 5am. 

Massimo - I have kindly edited myself out
What could be nicer than Italian food, in a genuine Italian restaurant, with a delightful host, Massimo, who brought us all many of deliciousness and finished off our meal with a shot glass of limoncello.

And now, Sleepyboboland calls!!

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