Sunday, 23 July 2017

23rd July 2017 - Cardiff - St Fagans

Sunday 23rd July 2017

51 degrees 29.597N
03 degrees 11.741W
Cardiff, Wales, UK
(So useful, having navionics to tell me our lat. and long. even though we are not at sea!I  I do like knowing where I am in the world…)

We arrived back at Foxhangers marina to surrender our Arctic Fox narrowboat by 9am sharp.  At at 8.55am sharp a little car  came down the lane - Maggie and Pete, in perfect time to drive us to Cardiff!

Pete H, Pete B, Maggie
Over the Severn Bridge!

Past glorious black and white sheep in green green fields.

We stopped on the way to take a photo of some of the locks in the 29-step flight just beyond Foxhangers – so glad we turned the other way and went to Bath instead…

Flight of locks
Pete and Maggie live in a beautiful house in a beautiful part of Cardiff, in a nifty cul-de-sac.  It is all very quiet and serene.

Yesterday we went for quite a long walk around the Bay, all the way to the huge lock on the barrage.

Lovely colours!
We learned a lot.

Me and my Dalek Friends!
For instance – Dr Who is made here, in a studio right in the middle of town!

Who looks worse??  Me or Dr Who???
And Roald Dahl is much loved and revered.

Scott set off on his ill-fated Antarctic venture from the docks (forgot to take a photo; never mind…)

Old National Assembly Building (there is a photo of Scott inside plus much info...)
Last night we were included in the local Curry Club night, with Pete and Maggie’s lovely Thomas neighbours (David, Sue, Carolyn, Malcolm…once again, forgot to take a photo…)  Cardiff take-away curry is sensational!

Pete and Pete, old school friends reunited
Today we went to St Fagan’s village in a beautiful forest.


1540-ish painting in St Teilo's church
I took lots of photos…

Especially loved the pig-sty!!

Dear little robin in the mud
It rained gently all day, until five-pm when it was time to go…I didn’t mind; I had a big black umbrella; it wasn’t cold; the rain is very appropriate in this green green part of the world.

Maggie’s sister

Alison, plus beloved dog Tia

and mother are coming to dinner.  Plus Christopher, Pete and Maggie’s son.  There has been a lot of argument about how many roast chickens we should put in the oven…I stayed OUT of the discussion.  My tummy was happy; I had eaten genuine Welsh Rarebit for lunch!  Maybe my favourite snack in the world – what is not to like??  Strong cheddar cheese, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, all toasted!!

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  1. A lovely photo of Pete and Peters. A tough choice as to who takes the worse selfie, you or the Dr. Given that you're my mother, I'll say the dr looks worse