Tuesday, 1 August 2017

1st August 2017 - Tuscany (Sansepolcro) - Anghiari

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Villa Violeta
Sansepolcro (near Arezzo)
43 degrees 24.364N
12 degrees 13.315E (Thank you Navionics!)

Villa Violeta
Change of scene indeed!

Cosy Windsor
We are now in glorious Tuscany.

No more roaring log fires – it is over 40 degrees!

Villa Violeta tobacco during room and workshop
We are staying with Roberto, Jaz and Niki in their beautiful (1700s) Tuscan villa

Jaz Niki Roberto Pete
just outside a wonderful little town called Sansepolcro.

Where I took a photo of a dear little dog under a market stall.  His owner proudly brought him out to show how he could shake hands.

Last night we drove up to a fabulous hilltop town, Anghiari (1500s.)

I took a photo of a dear little teenage ginger cat

And many MANY photos of doors

because Pete was

fascinated by them.

Well…so was I!

We miss dear Judith

Pete and Judith
but we are very happy to be with the super hospitable Aurelis.

Pete and Niki
We have the upper floor of the house – sitting room, bathroom, bedroom.

Roberto has two cars…

I just love his little scooter/ute!

I have been swimming in the pool fairly early in the morning.  Robert goes for a long bike ride and then a swim; Jaz and Niki tend to keep cool inside.

Tuscany is just beautiful, and we are so lucky to be able to stay here in Villa Violeta.

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