Thursday, 3 August 2017

3rd August 2017 - Tuscan hilltowns

Thursday 3rd August 2017

Fabulous cakes at Chieli bakery in Sansepolcro
Villa Violetta
Near Gircignano
Arezzo Province

Pete Danilo (Villa Violetta neighbour) and Roberto - wine and prosciutto!
So…our lovely friends Roberto, Jaz and Niki have left us.  They are off to pastures new in the UK, for a week or so.  And we have possession of the Villa Violetta!

I chopped and Pete is cooking.  It will not be up to Roberto’s standard…nobody’s cooking is…but it will be delicious.  Full of Tuscan veggies and a bit of prosciutto!

We have hired a nifty little Fiat Panda for a few days.

And we have zipped from Place Of Beauty to Place Of Beauty!

Every hilltop in the region is topped with a glorious little walled city.

Can’t say which is more beautiful

Yesterday we went to Arezzo with Roberto.  It was about 42 degrees, with a hot HOT wind blowing through the town.  We are just slightly used to horrendous heat.  Mad dogs and Englishmen… so we managed ok, up hill and down dale.

Huge fabulous Arezzo church
With a fabulous majestic church.

Today we have driven around the countryside, walking up and down steps in each and every glorious hill town.

I took photos of doors, of course.

Including a photo of me in my new Italian market dress, in a doorway…

But I told Jaz about our passion for doors and she said she has a friend who takes photos of manhole covers.  Yes I KNOW!  Not the right terminology in today’s world!  Is it a personhole cover??  What??

Anyway…I have started!!

The amazing thing about our adventures today is…each and every town was shut down.

Nobody around!  Not even mad dogs and Englishmen.

Only us!

I assume that at sunset the towns come alive.

We will see!


  1. Love your new dress! AM x

  2. It really makes you realise how young Australia is since colonisation. Obviously ancient in terms of inhabitants. The old buildings, doors and inspection hole covers (yes I think that works) in your photos are beautiful.