Sunday, 29 May 2016

29th May 2016 - up the mast again - new halyard

Sunday 29th May 2016

Hot yacht club dog
Today wasn’t a day of adventure and diving.  It began with a few hours of very hard work…

We got up at dawn, to avoid the fierce sun – yes it is sunny again; the heavy rain has stopped, as suddenly as it started.

#2 up the mast
And then it was time to hoick Pete up the mast again.  My least favourite job. It is now 5pm and the adrenaline is still coursing through my veins…Pete had to work out how to get the new halyard threaded though into the system on the mast.  He hadn’t managed two days ago and it all seemed impossible.  But he never ever gives up…

So there he was, up the mast, calling instructions down to me.  Mainly PULL!!!  And then STOP!!!  Pulling the thin line attached to the halyard through the system was very hard. It hurt my hands, and required more strength than I really have.  It was not fun.  Added to this, we had trouble hearing each other up and down the mast so we had to bellow, like buffalo in the swamp.

Moby Duck - great name for a  boat from Raratonga!
I felt very sorry for the young chaps who arrived last night, in a lovely jaunty red boat, and who were probably hoping to have a nice sleep-in in the gentle waters of this lovely bay.  They would have heard Pete’s stentorian instructions and me, roaring back at him, I AM TRYING.  Or I CAN’T.  Or I AM!!!

This went on for nearly three hours…

The rest of the day…I have been swimming and lying on the new cushions on the deck, in any bit of shade I can find.  And Pete has been dozing, on and off, and fending off horrendously painful cramps in his legs.

But some good things – I saw my turtle friend again.  Ands last night it came right up near the boat and popped its head out to take a look, as the sun was setting.  Is it the same turtle…or is there more than one in the bay??  Hard to say…they do look very alike.

I have just found a photo I took of our new diving friend, Kerry, from Brisbane.  We met her in the bar the night before our dives; she was very pleased with herself because she had done her 400th dive that day.  Apparently when you reach a 00 number you have to do…a nude dive… She said NO!!  A bikini dive was the best she could manage.  I can’t imagine I will ever reach 100, especially as most of the dives I have done haven’t been documented through PADI, but if ever I do…there will be NO nude dive!! 

Kerry was very happy to meet us because she had noticed 2XS one morning, with HOBART on the stern.  She lived in Hobart for twelve years, and went to school at Friends.  We were very happy to meet her too!  She told all of her dive buddies about our bargain purchase of diving equipment from Diana last week.  Nobody could believe what a great bargain Pete had found, dropped into our laps.  There is an advertisement on the yacht club notice board for a similar lot of equipment for $650!!  Pete paid just over $200, and Diana included a nitrox tank and new flippers for good measure.  We were in the right place at the right time!  Diana is in Bali now, at a retreat.  I have let her know that her beloved equipment has gone to a very good home so…she is happy too!

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