Wednesday, 18 May 2016

19th May 2016 - Royal Belau Yacht Club dinner

Thursday 19th May 2016

Monday night we were invited to a party at Sam’s Bar (in the yacht club…in fact it IS the yacht club…) The invitation said Staff Appreciation Day – bring nothing but empty stomachs.

Sam very kindly included all of the yachties in the bay.  (There aren’t very many of us…only five of the boats here are actually occupied.)  He told Pete that one of the Sam’s Sports customers has been so impressed with the operation here in Palau over the years that he donates money for staff appreciation days – all food, wine, beer provided! 

Birgitte and Erik
We had a great time.  Only six actual yachties came – not sure where the others were?  Bigger fish to fry?  So we were able to chat happily – Sweden represented by Eric and Birgitte, USA by Leslie and Philip, Australia by Pete and Marguerite.

Leslie and Philip
The staff – lots of them!  This is a big operation! – also had a great time.  Plenty of food, plenty of beer, plenty of wine, lots of chat and laughter.

We have unfolded the faithful bikes and taken them for a spin into town.  They are so good, those bikes.  They have been neglected for a few years now – nowhere to ride, where we have been recently.  Their tyres were flat but that was easily remedied, and they tootled along very nicely.

We were so thrilled to see the rain but…enough already!

It only stops for a few minutes; we are starting to get mould stripes on the ceiling…I am ever-vigilant with a bleachy sponge!!  (NEVERV satisfied!!

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