Tuesday, 24 May 2016

25th May 2016 Palau museum

Wednesday 25th May 2016

So…living The Dream, we left the washing flapping gently over the railings on the boat, and set off on the bikes, into town, nearly 4 kilometres away.  There are only 20,000 inhabitants of Palau but they ALL have cars and they are ALL out driving all day every day. Mostly backing out of driveways and into oncoming bikes…Leslie (SV Carina) says, sadly, that every container ship coming into Palau brings yet more new cars…

Our aim was to go to Kim’s Korean restaurant, down near Ace Hardware.  Apparently they have a very nice $6 lunch special…This was our second attempt and, although there was a welcome light on the street, the door was once again resolutely locked.  We asked a young bloke in Ace and he said, “They are not open because they do not have any customers.”  Fair enough…We had lunch up the road in a local place full of traditionally built ladies; the meals were huge!

Next stop – the museum.

Upstairs, we discovered, was a large and glitzy shop full of very beautiful very expensive sculptures, jewellery, baskets.  Downstairs was also very beautiful but…very small…and it cost us $10 (US) each to get in…

Lots of puzzling information.  Apparently Palau, including the Rock Islands, once had a population of 40-60,000.  Where did they go??  And why?  They produced beautiful rock art, ceramics, carvings.  Lots of gaps in the information…

Giant clamshell; diorama

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