Wednesday, 25 May 2016

26th May 2016 - Palau (still) - possible itinerary

Thursday 26th May 2016

So now what can I complain about- no more rain, no more mould accumulation – it is HOT and sunny.  TOO hot!!

View from Sam's
This morning Pete spent many hours in the cabin, getting VERY VERY hot over his computer, trying to formulate an itinerary for the next few months.  So far it looks as if we are going to whizz back down to Raja Ampat via Helen Reef (which sounds glorious…) and then along the northern coast of PNG, only touching down only on the islands, NOT on the mainland, which sounds quite dangerous (Raskols).

And then I can fly home from Rabaul for a few weeks in August (bliss…)  From August to October we will make our way to Vanuatu either via the Solomons or via the Louisiades. But…none of this is set in concrete.

Yesterday we went for a paddle in our new little kayaks; it was all very beautiful, between the little islands.  This morning I went for a swim, and idly wondered, as I looked down into the coral, why I had only seen one turtle, and that on the very first day I set foot (and snorkel) into the water. And there – I must have conjured it up – what looked like the very same turtle, swimming along  peacefully below me. 

Tasmanians are great travellers.  At the moment two of my friends, Chris and Alison, are touring around Azerbaijan and Georgia.  It all looks absolutely spectacular.  I am particularly fascinated by Chris’s accounts of the shepherds, with their huge dogs, there to protect the sheep from wolves!

And in Melbourne – my friend Jane, with folding bikes!  Ours also spent a happy time in Melbourne a few years ago when we stayed at YE (Yarra’s Edge) marina, during the Moomba festival and the Grand Prix.

Tomorrow we have our names down (at last….) to do a dive with Sam’s Tours.  We have heard that Blue Hole and Blue Corner are THE BEST so…here’s hoping!  I am feeling much more confident about doing this, now I have my very own equipment…

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