Tuesday, 29 September 2015

30th September - still no news re hostages - stressful times in marina

Wednesday 30th September 2015

I have been scouring the internet for news but there really isn't any.  The most likely theory is that the hostages have been taken to Sulu and have been turned over to the Abu Sayyaf group there.  Probably.  Possibly.

But we really don't know and people here are very quiet and down-hearted.

Last night we had a communal dinner in the clubhouse and Dave (SV Soggy Paws) gave a power point presentation about diving in a World War Two wrecks in the Marshall Islands.  This livened the men up no end; men love war memorabilia.  Me, not so much, but I do like Dave and he
put his heart and soul into the presentation.

So today, just for a change... I have been for a long soothing swim along the reef.  The water, unusually, was smooth and glassy, and there was good visibility.  There was also a large amount of crap in the water.  Nothing yucky, just logs, bamboo, palm fronds, coconut husks.  It made for a few lively encounters as I banged into some of these objects with my head, or when long bits of debris wrapped themselves around my legs.  But the swim was so good for me, I didn't really mind a bit of flotsam getting in my way.

At 1.00 I went into Babac in the marina van for a 20 minute shop - the van goes to the ferry terminal and back, which gives one just enough time to skip around the veggie stalls before it is time to be whisked back to what us becoming a compound.

I asked Prue (from Coral Bay, WA) if she thought Dondon, the driver got heartily sick of doing this run three times a day.  (He doesn't give the impression if being a bloke who loves his job.). She said he possibly is bored to sobs but that it is so much better now there is a sealed road.  Until recently there was a rutted dirt track and he still had to drive it three times daily.  I would have thought he should be wreathed in smiles now the drive is so easy, but no...

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