Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29th September - Ocean Viewmarina, Davao

Tuesday 29th September

Security measures are being implemented here, double time.  Men are digging the foundation for a new perimeter wall, and the sea wall is rapidly getting extra height comprised of barbed wire.

This should inspire confidence in people wanting to come here with their boats.  And...the bandits have done their worst; they won't be back.

The mayor of Davao, by all accounts a larger than life crime-fighting type of man, has offered himself in exchange for the hostages.  (Apparently.). So far, strangely enough, they haven't taken him up on his offer.

In the meantime, in between fretting about the captive ones, I am battling with various bits of technology, and swimming up and down the reef several times a day.  Very soothing.

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