Saturday, 12 September 2015

13th September - rugby in Saigon

Sunday 13th September 2015

It was SO HOT!!  The scrums must have been sweltering!
The rugby day was extremely well organised, right down to – the weather!  It has been raining a lot recently, and a heavy downpour would NOT have been a god thing, for the players or for the spectators.  But it didn’t start pouring until 6pm by which time everything was done and dusted, home and hosed.

When Ben and Rose got married, in October 2013, it had been raining torrentially every day for two months.  The wedding would not have been a glittering success in the rain…but for the two days they needed for their reception and for the BBQ the following day – the sun shone!  Maybe Ben has a weathergod connection!

We had a very good place to sit, under a shady tree just near the food tent, with comfy chairs and a small table.  Perfect! 

Much falling
The day, for us, was very much about hats…

Saigon 10s caps for day wear…

And traditional Vietnamese coolie hats for dinner wear.

Most of the people we met were expats very surprised to find us there.  “How did you know to come here?” they said, amazed.  Well…we were lucky!

But I did make friends with some lovely Vietnamese girls at the next dinner table.

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