Sunday, 27 September 2015

Monday 28th September - no hostage news - technology glitches

Monday 28th September

Still no news of the hostages.  On Facebook we saw a news item with the CCTV footage iof the abduction.  The bandits didn't cover their faces - surely this makes them easier to find??

Pete is trying to get things organised on 2XS.  We hope of course that Kjartan, the marina and boatyard manager will be back in a day or two to co-ordinate things but...

My technology is going bonkers and is making me need to go for many long soothing swims.  I can't do my blog in my computer.  The directions are now all in Tagalog and blogspot doesn't recognise my password.  I do have my Yahoo email back, but only on my computer not in my phone.  And so it goes...

But...maybe just for today...I have been permitted to do this blogpost on my very temperamental miniiPad...

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  1. It is so scary and worrying. I wonder why no one has claimed responsibility yet? Their poor families, my heart breaks for them.