Saturday, 1 August 2015

1st August - Pete on Doom Island anchorage - Marguerite Sorpng-Makassar-Denpasar-Melbourne-Hobart

Saturday 1st August 2015

Eco loves PETER!!
Pete on 2XS
00 degrees 52.969S
131 degrees 14.198E
Pulau Doom, Sorong, Papua

We found a very nice little cafe opposite the airport because we were many hours early to lurk in the dingy lounge area waiting and waiting for me to board


No waypoints for anchorages here for me…I am in Makassar airport, having a long wait.  It will take me 24 hours to get from Sorong to Hobart…

Very funny, mind you.  I don’t know anyone in this part of the world but my time at the airport in Sorong, and now here in Makassar, has been CHAT and CATCH-UP and FUN!

First I met up with Ollie and Irina (Switzerland) – friends from Pef Island.  With Sefry (see below…)

And then Camilla, and Ariana, 

and Guido

and Anna, and Alessandro, 

from Anna's Facebook page
and Claudio and Marina!  

No time to be bored at all!  Love the Europeans!

Ollie and Irina were desperate for a smoke when we arrived in Makassar, and they found a dismal ghastly room at the end of the airport.  Hardly worth going in there, but…they gamely went in and lit up.  I took a photo

and l then left them.  Starbucks had nice spearmint tea, internet connection and…when they came to find me…there was a very salubrious smoking area!

It is very hot here but…tomorrow I will be in THIS!!

Catherine and Billy, loving it!


I wrote the previous jolly stuff a few hours ago in Makassar.  I am now in Denpasar and very t-i-r-e-d…only another 14 hours to go...

The flight was fine.  I was sitting next to one of the very few only remaining people I know in Indonesia…lovely Sefry, also from Pef.  I had actually already taken a photo of him at the airport in Sorong, with Ollie and Irina.  He was on his way home to Singgarajah (Lion King!)  I really don’t like talking to people on planes; it is all too close and personal and there is NO ESCAPE.  But…I was very happy to make an exception for Sefry.

Sunday 2nd August

I am no longer perky at all…in fact I am hiding in a dim corner of Melbourne airport, hoping NOT to see anyone I know.  Very much looking forward to seeing any offspring coming my way today, but I don’t think I would be capable of a civil conversation with anyone else…The flight went well, no hitches.  My only issue was…I didn’t sleep at all.   All around me were snores, gentle or raucous, but not from me.  I watched a romantic comedy, and then five episodes of various TV programs, and then…we landed!

Today's birthday boy - Jeff Thomas!

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