Tuesday, 4 August 2015

5th August - Papua news - Hobart - snow - Pulau Birie

Wednesday 5th August 2015

All is well in Papua – Pete has overcome all of the Immigration/visa issues so I will not have to fly back to Sorong and then sadly scour the sea for a sight of 2XS.

This is NOT Raja Ampat!!
All is well in Hobart; much beauty, much wintriness, family, friends.

Rose and Katy
A few weeks ago…

Pulau Birie was gorgeous, a lovely place to snorkel and explore.

Right next to the anchorage there was a large and beautiful bommie, deep and full of life.  It was only a few metres from the back step – what a treat!

Many MANY fish on this bommie.  But I best loved a mother and daughter, or father and son, team of…well I’m not sure what they were.  Quite big, maybe one metres (with son/daughter half the size of the parent.)  These fish had great big eyes, very wide-set and they looked very worried at the sight of a human, as well they might.  They would scurry off to the side of the bommie, and then tip onto one side, to look at me with one big anxious eye.

I tried not to worry them too much but…I just had to follow them around and gaze at them with fond amusement…

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