Friday, 28 August 2015

28th August - Pulau Lembeh - wind!

Friday 28th August 2015

Another beautiful volcano
Once again we managed our overnight trip without any disasters, frights, seasickness.  But now I am SO tired I can hardly speak, or type…

01 degrees 27.601N
125 degrees 14.646E
Pulau Lembeh – channel
6 metres depth

Apart from the fact that an overnighter really means no sleep at all, it has been frantically windy today, and that is exhausting in any case.

There is a very big town on this island – Bitung – with a very busy port. 

We managed to find a sheltered little bay, after much poking around and looking for rather more time than we had bargained for.  We arrived here around midday but weren’t really settled in a secure anchorage until 3pm. 

There is a small settlement in the bay, with a lot of rubbish, cheery crowds of people getting on and off small ferryboats, and a very happy little tribe of – pigs!  Pigs are such a rare sight in Indonesia!  I was very taken with these ones.  They are the same dark grey as the beach and they charge around on the sand in a small happy pack.

Three boys braved the water and swam out, a bit tentatively, to visit.  We gave them some honeycomb chocolate, which they ate in awed silence, and then Pete read them The Waterhole, which absolutely enthralled them.

And now I am just about asleep with my face planted on the keyboard…


  1. I love the story book idea and this is such a great book. Don't they want to stick their fingers into the waterhole???
    And how efficient and ready those boats look, all lined up like soldiers.

  2. Yes of course they all stick their fingers in the hole!