Friday, 14 August 2015

15th August - respect for the elders in Papua and in Tasmania

Saturday 15th August 2015

Beautiful wintry Hobart at night
Two young blokes came on board while we were filling up the watertanks in the Kabui Passage. 

Martin and Sony were escorting the Polish family who were staying in Sapokreng village, but they left them to their own devices and came to admire 2XS.  They shook hands with us most reverently as they came on board and said, “We will call you Grandmother and Grandfather.  That is what we call old people, in our culture.  It is a mark of respect.” Oh good…we winced slightly but accepted that OK…if that made them happy…

(We are not QUITE old enough to be Martin and Sony’s grandparents…)

Meanwhile in Hobart…Zoe, at five and a half, is very kind and loving with me.  But…I must be a bit of a worry to her.  She was swinging energetically upside down in the school playground with her friend Olive yesterday, when she suddenly turned to look at me.  With a bit of pity, a bit of concern, she said, “You’re tool old to do this, aren’t you Bardy?”  I think she was worried that I might feel left out…

Rose (3) is also very concerned with the welfare of her elders.  She followed Katy and me around the Lifeline opp shop at 10am on Wednesday, with a silver goblet, calling out, “Mummy!  Here is your wine!”  Ah yes…just what Katy and I always have for morning tea.

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