Thursday, 30 July 2015

31st July - Doom Island - more children on board….

Friday 31st July 2015

Our cheery children jumped ship, literally, at 4pm.  We were happy to see them go, all things considered, but in the late afternoon…about 5.15…a happy little face in the doorway.

Eco, with some of his mates from the village – Ranal, Ganang, and…Ben Hur!

And his lovely sister Miri, who immediately got to work with the scrubbing broom.

We gave them an hour on 2XS, and then tossed them overboard, with their bits of flotsam, 

to swim off home to their village, waving all the way.

This morning we are leaving 2XS to its own devices, and we are going into Sorong, to sit…and sit…and wait…and wait…in Immigration, to renew Pete’s visa.  Or so we hope…

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