Tuesday, 7 July 2015

8th July - Sorong - Pulau Doom - Papua

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Yesterday we went back into Sorong on the narrow long boats.  This time there was no crashing and banging and water sloshing over the side.  Thank God!  We had to renew beer supplies – the store cupboard was looking a bit alarming, in that respect.  Now all will be well for quite a few weeks.

The flotilla of children on the Four Winds launch
Warren and crew are ready to leave today, on Four Friends, heading for the Kabui Passage, Friwin Island, Wayag etc.  But they have to wait… Orielle, Philip's English girlfriend, has just arrived.  It took her twenty four hours to fly here from Singapore…There was an unholy mix-up and delay in Djakarta.  She had no idea why, but she thinks there was something about a volcano eruption and dust in the air.  Maybe.  She never knew why her plane didn’t fly, and then it did.  She is a resilient girl so she didn’t really mind.  What she did mind was that her luggage didn’t arrive with her… It will probably turn up at some stage.  But she doesn’t know if she will still want it because…it is full of perishable food, which had been carefully chilled before she left Singapore.  Many kilos of bacon, for example…

Heading for 2XS from Four Friends

Today will be another DoomDay… Pete has work to do on his computer and…well why not??

Ingenious Boat of the Day

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