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5th July - Doom Island - Sorong - Papua - fuel

Sunday 5th July 2015

Some of the dogs here are just beautiful, dingo-like creatures of independent habits.  This one was just hanging out on her own, in the shade on the beach, perfectly calm and content
We had a great DoomDay.

I needed more top-up for my empty internet modem.  There were quite a few little shops on the island which could sell me $10, or maybe $5 worth…NOT enough!  I ended up getting bits and pieces from about six different shops…

Such pretty houses along the village strip
An adventure!  We traveled from shop to shop in a bicycle rickshaw, driven (ridden?) by a genial man called Sergei, who took us to meet his family along the way.

The village goes all the way around the island, in a pleasant fringe of narrow roadway only suitable for bikes, plus a very few motorbikes. 

At one stage the road goes right through a colourful little cemetery.  People were sitting amongst the gravestones having picnics, all very pleasant.

I am always fascinated to see where and how people hang out their washing.  This seemed a very nifty use of a broken down satellite dish…

There were lots of bright and cheery houses, with beautiful gardens.

And boys playing in the jungle, high up in the trees.

Hard to see - but they are there!
If you had to work in Sorong – why would you not live on Pulau Doom??

We have had a few canoe-loads of visitors. 

First a canoe full of girls and boys, wreathed and smiles but not speaking any English at all.  I gave them some popcorn and they were very happy.

And then Janus and his young brother Kelvin swam out…Kelvin was desperate to practice his English so the boys came on board… The canoe full came back, slightly indignant, and Janus taunted them from on high – “Get away from OUR boat!”  He was SO happy to be on board!  I printed off the photo for them and Janus looked at me with awe and said, “You have very good technology!”  Yes I do!  They came back to the land with us in the dinghy and I noticed, with some amusement that Kelvin waved most regally at his humble friends, standing forlorn on the shore…His moment of triumph!

We waved away another little canoe with three boys in it when we got back from our island adventure.  We just wanted to drink some soup, eat our Fuji apples, and NOT talk to anyone.  They looked sad but were polite about it all.  At 4pm they came back…and of course I cooked up another lot of popcorn, and gave them some photos.  They were just delightful fourteen year olds – Petra, Maninga and Dennis.  Pete invited them to look around the boat, inside and out, and I think they might still be here somewhere, stowed away!

We have noticed, through our (slightly difficult) conversations with our visitors that there is a bit of conflict between the Indonesian and the Papuan inhabitants of…well, of Papua!  The Indonesians don’t say much but the Papuans are VERY quick to point out that they are Christians, and Papuans.  Thank you very much!  I don’t think there is a lot of inter-marriage but…I could very possibly be very wrong!

Warren halfway up the mast on Four Friends
Last night we were invited for drinks on the glorious next-door yacht, Four Friends.  We had such a nice time we didn’t get home from our pre-dinner drinks until 8.30…

Warren Black
Warren and Thuy are wonderful people; kind, enthusiastic, with fascinating stories to tell and a most beautiful boat to show.  We might be able to go and visit in the daylight today so I can take some photos of the beautiful features. 

Thuy with Pete
Another Doom Day, I think…

And yes – the fuel men came, in their wooden boat, to fill up the tanks on each side, all for a very good price.  Pete is very happy!

Pete with Flory and Ewan (fuel)

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