Saturday, 6 June 2015

7th June - Pulau Mansuar - Raja Ampat Dive Lodge sharks and turtles and many fish

Sunday 7th June 2015

0 degrees 34.418S
130 degrees 36.725E
Mansuar Island
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge mooring
Depth 35.1m

We are once again trusting a mooring…This one is smaller and more modest than the disastrous one in Waisai – surely it will be big and strong underneath, and faithful to its task??

The mooring belongs to Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, a very beautiful Balinese-style resort on Mansuar Island. 

This morning we went for a dive off Kri Island, with Made and Wayan, Balinese dive masters, who were very kind and gentle and trustworthy.  It was absolutely spectacular.  Crystal clear water, many thousands of fish including some very big ones – napoleon wrasse, white tipped sharks, tuna, barracuda.  As usual I did NOT want to go for a dive.  I am not scared of the water or the fish; what I fear is The Gear.  I can never remember which thing to press for up or down (yes of course I really do know, but I get panicked by the whole process and my mind goes blank.)  When it came time to put on our wetsuits I got an acute attack of claustrophobia and just couldn’t pull the wretched thick rubber HOT HOT clingy thing up over my ankles… So I hurled it off and went swimming in my bathers which was much MUCH better.  The water is about 32 degrees – not sure why we need wetsuits in these conditions??

There was a very swift current and we were swept along very speedily – no chance of trying to resist!  I held on tightly to Made and enjoyed the ride…

On the way back we stopped for coffee and light refreshments on a small desert island and they said we had time to go for a snorkel.  I thought this was actually even nicer than the dive… Pete and I went out to the edge of the reef where there was a steep drop off and there were THOUSANDS of fish, big and small.  Plus a beautiful turtle, oblivious to our presence, with a white-tipped reef shark cruising along behind it. 

John has been having lots of activity – a few trips in the dinghy; so much better than the old inflatable which sank beneath us in the Kinabatangan River last year…

And he has the odd moment of peace and quiet where he can lie on the deck and read his book.

It is very peaceful here.  This morning we saw the children on their way to school; this afternoon they have just gone past us on the way home, with much cheering and shouting.  What a nice way to go to school!

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