Wednesday, 17 June 2015

18th June - Waisai in the rain - off to other Raja Ampat islands

Thursday 18th June 2105

Pete and John in the rain...
In the late afternoon we went into Waisai, in the Hi-Lux driven by Arif.  John and Pete stood in the back of the ute; I had the cab… Arif was a nice man and we managed to communicate quite well with very limited language connection on either side.  But…there was no aircon, the windows didn’t open, and…he smoked… Ah well, it wasn’t very far…

We had dinner in a very small restaurant – nasi goring, gado gado and fried chicken, about $1.50 per dish.

Pete and I had noticed the Men’s Club last time we were in Waisai and we stopped to talk to the blokes quietly whiling the day away in their tiled shelter.  Not sure if it is a men’s club or not but there certainly aren’t any women hanging around in there!  They seemed quite friendly but now I look at the photo they really look quite menacing. (??)

Outside the shop, where we bought some chicken, I took a photo of a dear little family – Farida with her little girls, Kyla and Birkis.  The father of the family, waiting on his motorbike was THRILLED that I had noticed his lovely girls, and he took a photo of me with them as well.  (As you do…)

Kyla, Farida, Birkis, Marguerite

Tomorrow, in case I am out of internet range – Katy’s birthday!  See here in mirror reflection, with her Four Cool Kids, in Brisbane.

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  1. Farika makes you look very tall. This is an illusion. X