Monday, 29 June 2015

30th June - Friwin to Waisai - Papua (Raja Ampat)

Tuesday 30th June 2015

0 degrees 25.991S
130 degrees 48.394E
Waisai “marina” (Duckpond)

Yesterday morning we left Friwin Island, with its beautiful reef and clouds of fishfriends.  I was very sad to leave there.  I was able to swim for hours every day, up and down the ref at high and at low tide, seeing different things, and familiar landmarks.  On my last swim I was accompanied by a large, slow turtle, which swam just below me.  It hadn’t seen me, so we just pooled along together in the clear blue water in total harmony.

 Pete gets so terribly bitten by this and that invisible creature, every time he goes in the water.  He needs a stinger suit!  (Such a thing is not to be found in Western Papua, unfortunately…)  I am very lucky and never get bitten but he comes out covered in welts.

So he spent his time at Friwin Island gently rocking on the wave…

But we have things to do…Waisai called.  Our berth at the end of the marina jetty was still free so we tied up, with a teensy degree of difficulty because the wind wave and tied were pushing 2XS away from the pontoon as hard as we were trying to pull it in.  But here we are, all tied up, and providing a lot of entertainment and photo opportunity for all passers-by.

Pete has gone into town because the fuel shop opens early (7am.)  he is very much hoping to find someone who will deliver fuel out to the boat; otherwise we have to leave for Sorong.  We can see whitecaps out there and we would rather stay here, thank you!

I am quite happy on 2XS, in the cabin away from curious onlookers.  I don’t like having my photo taken at 7.30am!  It is overcast and there is a blissfully cool breeze blowing through the boat.  NOT as good as Friwin…but it will do! 

In the Kabui Channel I got a photo of another osprey, drying itself in a tree.  I rather think it s the same one as the one John and Pete spotted on the beach at Friwin Isalnd but…how can you tell?  Whatever…he is very photogenic!

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