Tuesday, 16 June 2015

17th June - Waisai - fuel

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Along the way to Waisai
00 degrees 25.991S
130 degrees 48.391E
Waisai “Duckpond” marina

Today isn’t a day of much activity.  Pete and John have ventured off to get fuel in the 2XS jerrycans – quite an undertaking.  Yesterday we all went into town on 3 motorbikes, carrying the jerrycans on our laps.  All the way to the top of the hill to the petrol station – TUTUP (CLOSED.)  So we carried on, precariously, into town to a little shop with drums of fuel, where they ladled diesel, s-l-o-w-l-y, into the containers.  It was pouring with rain, a very heavy deluge, so I couldn’t take photos of this fascinating process…We didn’t return on the motorbikes, TOO risky, with full cans, but Pete found an obliging man with a ute so we were safer, with John rattling around in the back with many litres of fuel.

Many birds circling above a school of fish (John was very sure he would catch one…)
This morning Pete and John went off, again in the ute.to see if the petrol station was open.  Well yes but – no fuel available for the likes of us, they have heavy quotas.  They went to yet another place with drums of diesel, this time cleaner – the yesterday lot had dirt, grit, and a very large cockroach to be filtered out…

Our recalcitrant mooring is still here, now proudly taking on the role of reef marker…

While Pete and John went off on their Fuel Adventure I stayed inconspicuously on the boat, doing a few jobs, idly reading my emails etc.  I heard confident male footsteps on the deck, and looked out, expecting to see Pete + John + fuel.  But no; there were two young men happily climbing aboard.  They weren’t in the least disconcerted to see me and in fact were very keen for me to take photos of them proudly at the helm…

Later in the morning a whole family came on board, cameras and iPads aloft, eager to take photos of themselves posing next to John, who was reclining with his book…

Some of the PhotoGang, getting off 2XS

We will leave here tomorrow.  Maybe we will go to the Kabui Channel, or to the Raja Ampat Dive Resort nearby.  Not sure…I will just go with the flow…

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  1. It's so nice that these people all want to come aboard and have photos with you. They look like they might be far more menacing but clearly, they're not.