Friday, 5 June 2015

6th June - Pulau Batanta - Pulau Kri - Raja Ampat (PNG)

Sunday 6th June 2015

0 degrees 32.875S
130 degrees 40.998E
Pulau Kri
15m depth, coral

John is now with us.  As soon as we got to Pulau Batana – into the warm balmy sea!

He saw the hornbills doing their nightly parade, squawking and flapping across the bay.

And there has been lots of chat

and lots of beer.

We anchored at lunchtime off Pulai Kri.  All very pretty.  John and I had a beautiful swim on the reef, battling against the strong tide one way, and then hitching a ride back the other way, while Pete stayed on board and watched out to see 2XS wasn’t getting swept right onto the reef.  John saw quite a big white-tipped reef shark coming in from the deep to have a look at us; I didn’t see it at all…(They don't bite humans.)

(VERY surprised to find internet connection here – a nice big sturdy tower, off Pulau Mansuar.)

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