Thursday, 4 June 2015

4th June - Batanta Island - fabulous hornbills - Sorong

Thursday 4th June 2015

0 degrees 46.294S
130 degrees 53.634E
Batanta Island
24 metres, mangroves, corral

At 11am yesterday we decided, after all, to leave our safe little floating pontoon in Waisai and to start on our way to Sorong.  We slightly miscalculated the distance, and anchored halfway, on Batanta Island, in a beautiful sheltered bay, lined with mangroves.

There were hundreds of birds tweeting, trilling, squawking, in the lush jungle.  I went for a swim to check out the coral because we have decided that this anchorage will be a good place to take John as soon as we leave Sorong.  He will be able to go for a swim, listen to the birds, enjoy the peace and quiet. 

And then the next day – on to even more beautiful Raja Ampat islands!

We met Jemimah and Randy in Monserat, in the Gulf of Davao.  Jemimah has become my Facebook friend and I have pinched one of the photos she put on one of her posts recently.  Just because…it is a nice cheery photo and meeting Jemimah and Randy is worth remembering.

Jemimah's selfy
0 degrees 53.116S
131 degrees 15.650E
Sorong (Indonesian PNG)
18m depth

We arrived here at 10.30am and spent the WHOLE day in Immigration, with an extra few hours in an off-shoot of the Jabatan Laut (Harbour Master) office. 

I spent most of the time waiting waiting waiting thinking about…the birds in the lovely bay on Batanta island…

At dusk last night we heard loud squawking and there, silhouetted against the clouds, was a flock of big hornbills, going from one side of the bay to the other in small groups.
Glorious hornbills!
Sorong is just fine but…I would prefer to be with the birds and the fish!!

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