Monday, 22 June 2015

23rd June - leaving Sorong - farewell to John - fuel boat

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

John should be in Melbourne by now, and we are leaving Sorong for pastures new.  Not sure where to just yet – we are going to find a nice safe anchorage to sit out a big storm which is due on Saturday.  We are heading down Selat Sele – no info about this in our notes; we will see!

We stopped a the fuel boat on the way…I took out bow and stern ropes and tied off three fenders.  Pete talked to the men – mostly in mime – who were sitting on the boat, waiting for…not sure for what.  Ye they have fuel, it transpires, but no we can’t by any.  We have to go to an office in Sorong and pay there.  We sighed a bit, smiled brightly, and I put away the fenders and ropes.  We have enough fuel for a few weeks so…all is well!

Last time we were in Sorong I saw a man sailing by with the most pitiful little sail imaginable.  It was a small white rag, fluttering bravely in the breeze.  We called him over and gave him one of our old tarps – he was wreathed in smiles!  And last night he sailed past to demonstrate his lovely neat new sail!

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