Saturday, 27 June 2015

27th June - Kabui Pass -Raja Ampat - Papua

Saturday 27th June 2015

0 degrees 25.405S
130 degrees 34.400E
Kabui Pass

We left the World of Wind and had a day of wind and waves to get to the Kabui Pass.  It is very beautiful here, and much more peaceful.  We have no idea if there is still wind out there…but we are very much enjoying the gentle breeze here!

There is a little hut nearby with a perpetual flow of beautiful fresh water.  Occasionally a little fishing canoe turns up, and out hop some fishermen, with soap, to have a shower.  I was so very thrilled to be able to do a big bucket of washing without scrimping on the rinsing process.  Bliss!  

Pete also got a nice cool wash.

I had already had a long swim.  We went through the channel (1.5 nautical miles) in the dinghy, against the strong current.  And then it was my turn for a bit of an adventure - into the water and back WITH the current!  Pete was poised with the camera but he said I disappeared too quickly…It was like being on a moving walkway – or rather, a moving swimway!  I swam so fast!  Very thrilling and satisfying.  I had expected to be swimming through coral gardens but I had obviously misunderstood my friends who had raced through the channel last year – there wasn’t any, until we were nearly back at the boat.  By then the current was turning and I was a teensy bit tired so…Pete towed me home!

Sunday 28th June

We have left the peaceful Kabui Passage and we are making our way back to beautiful Friwin Island.  With a bit of luck the internet will work as we go past some towers but…maybe not!  It is, alas, very windy out of the passage…

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