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6th December - police warning in KL - Surfers Paradise day

Sunday 6th December 2015

There is lots to admire here in Queensland.

I still love Tasmania BEST in the world but…I am getting very fond of Brisbane, and even…of Surfers Paradise!!

A cautious selfie - and thank you Cam for the loan of the hat!
So glittering, so pretty!

Yesterday Pete’s cousin Del came for lunch, at Kerry’s lovely Gap house surrounded by birds.  Del is always very glamorous and nicely dressed, with much beautiful jewellery.  Pete was telling her about our time in Vietnam, specifically how kind people were in the big cities, coming out of nowhere to tell me to put my phone AWAY – a shiny gold iPhone 6 camera/phone is a very easy target for an opportunistic snatch and grab thief.  Del told us that when she was in Kuala Lumpur last year a young police officer came up to her.  He wanted her to accompany him to a nearby police station.  She wasn’t at all sure she wanted to do this, but followed him, reluctantly.  He took her straight to a superior officer, who spoke English well.  He said, “My colleague wants me to tell you not to wear your gold jewellery in the street.  You could easily be strangled for it.”   She put her treasures away in the hotel safe quick smart!

 Cousins!  (Del can wear this gold locket in Queensland)
Our social time in Queensland is just wonderful.  Our (expat Tasmanian) friends are so hospitable.  Last night we had a BBQ at Tim and Sally’s on the esplanade, overlooking the canal at the back and the lights of Surfers at the front.  We are going to WADDLE back to Hobart, full of delicious food…and wine… 

This morning I went for a walk, from Southport all the way to and through Surfers.

 I felt as if I had walked all the way to Coolangatta and back.  Possibly I only walked about ten kilometres.

But my feet ached!

The only way I was able to walk so far in any sort of comfort was because every 500 or so metres there was

and toilets

Clean and cheerful toilets!
I was very grateful.

The beach really is spectacular.  Lots of big waves rolling in, crowds of people lying on the sand (getting both burnt and sandblasted; it really was quite windy down there…) and frolicking in the dumpy waves.  I was very surprised not to see dozens of surfboards – in fact the whole way up and down the beach I only saw one actual surfer.  Everyone else was just bodysurfing, or getting energetically dumped by waves.

Ibis are a pesty bird but…I had to take a photo of this one, strutting on by.

After about four hours of walking I started to flag.  Pete was still working, and it didn’t occur to me to go and help him and his team digging out a tree stump.  He spent about four hours climbing up into the top of the tree on an extension ladder, sawing away at thick branches with a narrow saw.  I am very glad I didn’t see this…but I do feel a bit guilty that I didn’t help Sally drag the branches and load them into the truck… I actually thought that my role was to keep out of the way.

But where to go??  Well…I had the bright idea of going to Pacific Fair, one of the biggest shopping malls in Australia, and currently under reconstruction.  What was I thinking?  I actually know that I hate shopping malls… I trudged around, slowly losing the will to live until, more by good luck that good management, I came upon a spacious comfortable bar area, full of fatly upholstered chairs and no hint of food hall (I also hate food halls…)

I felt a bit of a wimp asking for a nice cup of tea in what was very obviously a BAR but the waiting staff were very kind and nearly tucked me up with a cosy blankie… 

I am very glad I had such a nice long walk around Surfers.  About time I got some endorphins up and stopped sitting on my bottom eating and drinking.  And I did love the beach and the skyscrapers!


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