Saturday, 26 December 2015

27th December - Christmas happytimes

Sunday 27th December 2015

Beautiful chilly Lauderdale beach
Tasmanian weather is always fascinating. So volatile!  On Christmas Day it was swelteringly hot.  35 in Hobart, I think, and 32 on Launceston.  Boxing Day – BRRRR!  Down to 12 degrees…Today is still chilly but the temperature will rise again and who knows what it will be tomorrow??

Glorious Ukrainian babushkas
Christmas was great.  We are considerably fatter…SO much food and wine…

I wont go into details – we had four distinct and wonderful family occasions (two in Launceston, two in the south.)

One of the best presents - shiny blue pebbles...
I had the opportunity of being photographed with my mother next to the amazing golden 90 balloons

and, best of all, I had all four of my offspring together in the one place.

We have spent the morning in a state of slight confusion, thinking it is Monday…we have had to look at the newspaper, our phones, our computers and give ourselves a good shake to get back into real time…

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