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13th December - Tasmanian days whizzing on by

Sunday 13th December 2015

Apropos of nothing...father, son and dog, seen from above
Once again our Tasmanian days are more or less frantically busy.  Busy with all good stuff but…I for one am exhausted…

On Friday we went to the Henry Jones Art Hotel for an illustrious function – the unveiling of four portraits of former chancellors at Tas Uni – Sir Guy Green, Michael Vertigan., Damian Bugg and Michael Field.  This might sound slightly…dull…but in fact it was great.  Four very different portraits by contemporary artists.  I got a very nice photo of the Damian Bugg portrait being admired by the Damian Bugg grandson, Artie.

We ventured out (last to leave, as usual,) and admired the docks in the chilly early evening light.  (Brrr, but so beautiful!)

And why are they building a ghastly big cruise ship terminal right in front of the art school??  Nobody asked my permission to do this!  Until recently you could look across from the old Hunter Street warehouse buildings to the Salamanca Place buildings, all perfect and lovely.  And now everything is being blocked off and cut up.  Not happy!!

On the way home we went to Knopwoods for last drinks.  Knopwoods, sadly, is being yuppified and transformed into The Whaler.  I am sure it will be just fabulous but…sometimes it is nice just to have a cosy old pub which is NOT fabulous but just – great!

Pete with Felicity Sweet
And so end my complaints for the day…

On Saturday morning we drove up to Launceston (well just one more complaint – it is so DRY!!!) for a wonderful gathering of the clan at my sister Jacqui’s house.  And my brother-in-law William’s house…)  We were celebrating Mum’s illustrious 90th birthday.

I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t manage to take any decent photos at all, so this slightly blurry one of Mum and Nicky will have to do!

We had to rush off and get back to the Theatre Royal in Hobart by 6 to watch Ella (12) and Tessa (7) perform in the Body Language dance school concert.  We got there with one minute to spare and found that I had got it wrong; it didn’t really start until 6.30.  So we leaned against a wall in the foyer and had a soothing drink. It was a fantastic concert; so many extremely talented boys and girls tapping, jazzing pirouetting, singing, leaping.  They opened with a beautiful scene from Carousel and I happily sobbed into my wine (Carousel is the very saddest musical, along with Fiddler on the Roof.)  And then it was one dazzling performance after another.  For nearly four hours… We stayed and watched the sizzling grand finale and then…we slunk out.  We could see them bringing in a table groaning with trophies and we could tell there would be speeches and presentations for maybe another hour.  (By then I had nearly lost the will to live.)

West Hobart is so pretty!!
We got back and had a brief chat with Nicole and James, who were staying with their darling girls.  They had all been jammed into one bed and told to GO TO SLEEP.

This morning we chatted with the Darceys and drank lots of coffee, then off we sped to watch another performance – Circus Skills, at Kingsborough Gym. 

This was great fun and, mercifully, only lasted for one hour.  And discovered, to the amusement of my family, that I have the same hairstyle as Leo, aged nine…

Next a visit to Donna and Bruce in Kingston, to listen to them sing for an hour.  (They were great.)

And now we have a few hours in between before off we go again, this time to see Cats at the Derwent Entertainment Centre.

It is all GO!!

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