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22nd December - message for the hostages - Hobart days

Tuesday 22nd December 2015

The Female Factory wall, South Hobart
I still look on the internet most days, for news of the hostages taken from Ocean View marina (Samal island, Mindanao,) on 21st September.  Somehow I missed this message, from our friend Luc, who posted this on noonsite:

14 December, 2015 from Luc Callebaut of SY Slopemouche

The cruising community is still waiting to get the good news of the liberation of the 4 friends who were abducted since almost 3 months already! Negotiations are underway and everyone hopes for a quick resolution of this untolerable situation. In the meantime, life here in the marina continues as before and works on boats gets done... Security has been boosted a lot and marina management does its best to accomodate new and old marina guests.
This banner is symbolic of all of us here missing our 4 friends! I really hope to have good news to report very soon!

In the meantime, Tasmanian life is all very pleasant.

I won a prize, from Nicole’s Breasts Out For Research fundraiser!  A voucher from The Good Guys, with which I have bought a very splendid and beautiful toaster.  Katy and I had way too much fun choosing the most splendid toaster we have ever seen, because…we could!

Pete and I had five of his grandchildren to stay Saturday and Sunday.  They were great, although we were disappointed not to have all eight.   We caught the bus into town and back, went to the movies, walked to the playground at the nearby school, and went to the Aquatic Centre.  They all stayed up till nearly midnight but…I am not a Headlam, do NOT have this sort of energy, so I went to bed at 10.30.  They were all very kind about this and tiptoed gently around me as I snored.   

I have been asked, also very kindly, NOT to put any photos of children on the internet.  So here is a photo of some arms, hailing the bus.  They were all very enthusiastic about this.  I did enjoy my time with these lively children but I did Not enjoy the movie…Hotel Transylvania 2…NOT fun for adults!

On Sunday I went out to dinner with my four girls (three daughters and one honorary daughter.)

Poppy, Nicky, Katy, Marguerite, Claire
It was a beautiful night so we went for a walk into Battery Point

Love the matching shoes!
and then I walked back up the hill, listening to podcasts and loving the bright Hobart evening light.

This morning I walked into town through South Hobart, down the Rivulet track.  Lots of bike riders passed on by, but one of the riders screeched to a halt – my old friend Chris Cooper, wreathed in smiles.  We “walked” into town together ie he rode his bike at a slow-ish pace while I jogged fairly energetically beside him.  Puff, pant!

It is glorious weather here.  But volatile!  Some days are over 30, some only around 15.   All very invigorating…

St Davids Cathedral

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