Wednesday, 16 December 2015

17th December - no hostage news but some 2XS news - Hobart days are rushing by

Thursday 17th December 2015

Pete has constructed a very  cheery if eccentric Christmas tree corner
Every day I look up news sites, trying to find out what is happening with John, Kjartan, Tess, Rob, still hidden away on Jolo Island, in fear of their lives.  Strangely, nobody has yet paid the US$61 million…And there is no new news.  Not today.  Pete thought he might fly away to Samal Island to check things out, but it seems he has changed his mind, and we will still go back on 14th March to see how the land lies.  So to speak…

There is, however, qt last and finally, news of the work being done on 2XS.  Cheenie has sent a series of photos which bring joy to my heart.  Woodwork repaired!  A new seat/bench thingie!  Crappy woodwork replaced with shiny new woodwork!

Well done Team Ocean View!

Meanwhile Tasmanian life is still extremely busy.  All good but…busy…Last night Pete had organised for his annual “playgroup” dinner to be at his house.  We scampered around finding plates, cutlery, chairs for fifteen people but…we had miscounted and there were ACTUALLY eighteen…) a bit more scampering ensued.)   All went well!  LOTS of food, lots of chat, lots of laughter.

I have been to a kindergarten Christmas concert.

And another one

 And a beautiful lunch at the Glasshouse.

I also had a few minutes waiting outside Fullers Bookshop and looking up Victoria Street…not long ago I sat in my office gazing down the street at Fullers Bookshop… (No I don’t miss work…)

I did, however, very much enjoy having lunch with my old workmates, none of whom miss work at all either.  Oh dear except for Ann-Marie…who is still there at the coalface…I forgot to take a photo so here is one from last year, same group.  Except…Ann-Marie has already trotted off back up the road to the Supreme Court and Gaye wasn’t there at all this year – she is in Europe, hoping for a white Christmas.

Kerry, Anne, Marguerite, Justine, Gaye, Julie
Last night we had our pubgirls dinner.  Not at a fancy different restaurant we had left our run too late and decided just to have a festive occasion at the Republic, where we have been meeting every Wednesday since 1998.  MUCH water under the bridge since then.  Some absences, but no disasters, no losses, we are very lucky. 

Barbara, Victoria, Elsa, Kathy, Marguerite, Pauline, Jutta, Meriloy
Today – Christmas drinks with friends.  It is all GO…and all GOOD!   

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