Wednesday, 23 December 2015

24th December - Chas Blundell book launch

Thursday 24th December 2105

Chas Blundell, aka Chas from Tas, was interviewed on the radio this week.  He is a legendary sailor, known through the decades.  Pete and I both heard him and decided to go to his book launch. At the Motor Yacht Club in Lindisfarne, at 6pm…

We got there nice and early and settled at the bar with a cool drink…I had a nagging feeling that all was not as it should be so I sneaked a quick look at my friend Google…Wrong place…we were supposed to be across the bay, at the Bellerive Yacht  Club.  Fortunately we also had the time wrong and nothing was really happening until 7pm so…

Across the bay at Bellerive yacht Club
All was well!

Chas from Tas
Chas told a few salty tales, everyone bought the book, and I took some photos of old friends to send to (equally legendary sailor) brother Chris in Sydney.  He wrote back that there is a book in Chas’s face.  Indeed!

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