Wednesday, 20 May 2015

18th - 20th May - Port Patuko - Kawio Island - Sangihe (Indonesia)

Sunday 18th May 2015

5 degrees 28.161N
125 degrees 28.579E
Port Patuko
Sarangini Island
(Mindanao) Philippines

So pretty, along the way
This was probably our last night in the Philippines… Off towards Indonesia today, after an early start.

Going into the lagoon, past these pretty houses with their protective stone walls
Yesterday we also left very early, just after sunrise, and it was such a nice trip down the coast of Mindanao because…the sun didn’t shine!  It was overcast, with a tiny hint of cool breeze!  Bliss..

We arrived just in time to anchor, in a most beautiful, expansive lagoon.  I had seen it on the Navionics map but…didn’t really believe it would be quite so deep and spacious, calm and beautiful. 

We had visitors at sunset…Maribel, and her six children- a gang of bigboys at the back of the boat, Queen Sybelle and Raymar at the front.  (I gave the little ones a ball, and a small clip-on koala…The bigboys got nothing!)

Maribel with Queen Sybella and Raymar
With a bit of luck we will get the internet this morning as we go past a tower on one of these little islands but from now on…who knows?

Maribel's silent bigboys at sunset
Monday 18th May

4 degrees 39.100N
125 degrees 25.981E
Kawio Island
7m depth

Kawio Island was just beautiful.  Crystal clear water, some interesting coral, lots of fish.  We arrived there in the early afternoon so we were able to make the most of our small mount of time there.  Maybe on the way back…

At five we had a very cheery visitor, Martin, who clambered aboard and was full of chat in spite of the fact that he spoke as much English as we speak Bahasa.  (And we have forgotten most of our Bahasa…)

I entertained him by taking his photo at the helm, and then getting out my little Selphy printer and making him a copy.  He immediately wanted a photo with…Captain Pete!

And also (very much an also-ran) with the crew…

Along the way we saw a most unaccustomed sight – a yacht!  On the water!!  Heading towards Sarangini Island!  Pete called them on the radio and had a nice long chat.  Holger (aka PK) and Michelle (Germany) are on their way north after several months in Raja Ampat.  They have been sailing for ten years and they said it was the very best place they had ever been.  Wild with enthusiasm!  And full of useful information.

Tuesday 19th May

3 degrees 36.416N
125 degrees 30.136E
Teluk Tahuna
Sangihe, Indonesia
22m depth

Teluk Tahuna (Sangihe)
Another very early morning and a long but peaceful cruise to Sangihe, where we will be able to clear into the country.  MUCH paperwork!  Customs, Immigration, Quarantine…

I have made a new Indonesian flag, using, very creatively, an old red teatowel and a new white hand towel, bought for the purpose on Davao.  So really, we are ready to be Indonesian again!

There are lots of moorings here along the sea wall, ready for the rally which will arrive here in August.  We had our pick of about seventeen spares, and we were very grateful because this is a very deep harbor and it is hard to find a place to drop the anchor.

Our mooring is big and solid but the rope, when I hauled it out with the boat hook, looked much more like a creature of the deep than a mooring rope.

Wednesday 20th May

Back in the world of mosques…This one, very pretty, is very close to 2XS…so we get the Call to Prayers at 5am…

This morning we took the dinghy into the wharf and went in to try to find all of the offices we needed to visit. 

We were very lucky – it was all getting a bit complicated in the Immigration Office and then suddenly – an angel from heaven came to our rescue!  David, who speaks very good English.  He sat with us and acted as a buffer zone. He works for Immigration but his role is rather loose – he has been designated to Meet and Greet, as far as I can tell.  He came hotfooting to the office because he had had a Facebook message from PK and Michelle telling him we were on our way.

Lucky!  He took us to town, where I was able to get a swift photo of some of the fashions available in the shops.

And – I got a new simcard and a month’s worth of internet connection.  HappyMe!!

On the way back we discovered that the tide had gone out and that the steps from the jetty to the dinghy were out of reach.  We would have had to swing like monkeys and drop…NOT a good idea!  So David and Pete towed the dinghy gently along until we came to a nice steep concrete wall, and we abseiled down a thin rope attached to a fishing boat…

This looks like a beautiful island so we are going to stay here tomorrow and go for a trip with David – he can drive and show us The Sights; we can be tourists!

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