Saturday, 16 May 2015

17th May - on our way - Gulf of Davao

Sunday 17th May 2015

A boat hoicked right up high, along the coast of Samal (WHY??)

6 degrees 30.096N
125 degrees 34.160E
Between Botak Point and Tubalan Head
Gulf of Davao
8.7 metres depth

It was all very nice, cruising gently down the gulf from Samal Island.  We left just before 8am and anchored around 4pm – perfect!

Early morning fishing boat - fishermen in the rigging!
This morning we needed to leave much earlier…5am, in the rain!  We are going past a big tower so there is internet as we rock and roll down the coast...

There was a small village at our anchorage; it all looked very nice.  Katy Perry de Philippines playing loudly from the shore…kites flying…Saturday!

A few young boys paddled out to visit, in their beautiful little outrigger canoes, with decorated prow.  They didn’t want to chat; they just hung around, gazing longingly? admiringly? confusedly? at 2XS.  I gave them chocolate biscuits and they were very happy.

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