Friday, 23 June 2017

24th June 2017 - Townsville to Cape Upstart to Blue Pearl Bay to Hamilton Island (brrr!)

Saturday 24th June 2017

Hamilton Island marina
Whitsundays Queensland
20 degrees 21.291S
148 degrees 57.229E

2XS safely tied up behind the speedboats
Yes!  We got here!

We left Townsville very early in the morning, after a great evening out with three McHenrys – Lindy, John, Sharon. 

A memorable evening at a normal-looking restaurant in the city centre.  It wasn’t very normal at all…

It seemed to be run by children; mummy and daddy nowhere to be seen.  There was red wine on the menu but…they only had one bottle, which we got at a discounted price.  The food was very nice but it arrived at a glacial pace.

Mary and Carlotta
Everyone was totally cheerful and delightful and it didn’t really matter that they didn’t really know what they were doing.  Lindy had a discount voucher book, and when she went to pay, dear Mary, aged 12, discounted $45 from the bill.  Lindy, who is an honest and honourable person, pointed out that the maximum discount is $25 and Mary looked a bit crestfallen…”I have been doing it wrong for weeks!” she said.  Not everyone is honest and honourable…

2XS was waiting on the fuel dock, full to the brim with diesel, and looking very fetching in the light of the McHenry car.

So…off we went, battling grimly against wind and wave.  We arrived at Cape Upstart with just enough light to see, more or less, where we were dropping the anchor.  Up again at 4.30 to head towards the Whitsundays. 

It was very cold…

Pete at sunset
We wore all of our warmest clothing.

Plus I had my mohair blanket wrapped around my legs.

We arrived – well done Captain Pete – at sunset with enough light to snag a mooring at Blue Pearl Bay (Hayman Island.)  I have never tried to hook a mooring in the dark but I am sure it would be very difficult and very frustrating so I was extremely thankful.

Another Colleen & Tom photo from the Philippines - I don't think there are seahorses in Blue Pearl Bay...
We thought it would take us five hours to get to Hamilton Island because all the rest of the trip had been such a slog but somehow we caught a benign current and we rocketed along at 8 knots and arrived in a bit over two hours.  Once again #grateful!!

I have had a shower, which has improved my health and temper.  Pete has been fixing one of the nets which was flapping gaily in the breeze while I have been…lying on the couch sipping tea and Aspro Clear…

Hamilton Island looks a bit better than when we were here 14 weeks ago.  A bit more greenery, not such a post-napalm look.  But it is quite cold!  I talked to one of the bakery staff in the ablutions block and she said this is the coldest June they have ever known.  When I say “cold” … it is 22, not freezing.  But definitely jeans and long sleeves weather.  Six Thomases are arriving at midday, from Hobart.  I have warned them to wear warm clothes, and to bring wetsuits!!

On their way!!

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