Tuesday, 20 June 2017

20th June 2017 - Mission Beach - Haycock Island - Townsville

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Breakwater Marina
Townsville, Qld

Monday morning we left Mission Beach.

Sad to leave Pete and Maddie, and Baggins the dog, who clearly didn’t want Pete Headlam ever to leave his side, much as he loves his own Pete and his own devoted Maddie.

We scooted down the coast and the Hinchinbrook Channel with a minimum of drama and anchored off gorgeous little Haycock Island for the night.  

Haycock Island
Last time we were in this beautiful channel

Hinchinbrook Island
we anchored up a broad creek lined with mangroves.  It all looked very benign and beautiful but…as soon as the anchor started to descend we were enveloped in a cloud of very happy hungry bitey insects.  Ouch ouch itch itch.  We hoped that Haycock Island would be kinder and yes, it was, more or less.  No small bities but…lots of big mosquitoes. 

Lucinda sugar jetty (just around the corner from Haycock is)
Sigh…But we have mosquitoes, and I have a large packet of antihistamines.

We left in the dark this morning to get to Townsville in time.  I wanted to get to the office before they closed, to get a swiper-key for the gate, and change for the washing machines.  They close at 5pm and we walked into the office at 4.58… Fortunately they are the nicest marina people we have yet encountered so all was well.  And we won a prize for being repeat customers – a voucher for Pete to have a huge hamburger at the award-winning joint just across the road.

Townsville in sight

So all is well, yet again.  We are safely tied up in Townsville, which feels very much like a second home by now.  Our bloodstained bedding is being purified (all those insect bites…)  Gin and tonic is tinkling away in our glasses.  And tomorrow we have a Townsville Day.

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