Tuesday, 20 June 2017

21st June - Townsville is feeling like home

Wednesday 21st June 2017

Gorgeous tree along the Strand
It is beautiful here in Townsville today.  Not too hot – around 25.  Sunny.   But…just a bit windy…

We very much hope it isn’t blowing against us when we leave tomorrow in the early hours, heading for Upstart Bay.

Pete has been working on boaty things, eg fixing the leaky toilet – always fun…

I took a bus trip out to Castletown shopping mall where I bought provisions for the next week – most things are of course available at the Hamilton Island shop but it is fiercely expensive.

Pete got his free TUBE hamburger at lunchtime – thank you Breakwater Marina for this very nice promotional gift!

And I got a good closeup of an ibis to send to James and Bron, who have taken a strong dislike of these rather pesky bin-robbing birds.

Our friends Colleen and Tom (USA) are still travelling very happily around the Philippine islands.  They have done some fabulous dives, and have taken some amazing photos.  I have copies some and have their permission to put them on this blog – so amazing!!  I will dole them out carefully.

Cuttlefish - so beautifully camouflaged!

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